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◊     september 2012

Jennifer Lopez concert -  mix funky and soul !!!  -  Report + movie


Jennifer Lopez concert was held at PGE Arena stadium in Gdansk, Poland. This acoustically challenging stadium is 236m long, 203m wide and 45m high.
Moreover, its roof is in the shape of a shell, which made the whole task even more exacting for us. Highly impressive  amount of equipment was supplied to provide full sound coverage.
Here is a short list of the most important gear:

- 110 pcs VT4888,
- 80 pcs SB1000 subs,
power amplifiers:
- 60 pcs POWERSOFT K10 - for ( LF, MF, HF) VT4888,
- 20 pcs POWERSOFT K20 for subs.

Amplifiers provided around  1 million mind-blowing watts to PA system!!!
Two generators, 500kW each, were used to provide power to aforementioned  sound system (one spare)
The stadium was divided into several acoustic zones to ensure that the music would be well heard both in the grandstand and on the pitch.

JLo’s sound engineer was Rick Camp, who is fully skilled and highly experienced in working on live music.
Rick Camp has mixed Madonna, Kenny "Babyface” Edmonds, Beyonce, Anita Baker, Chris Brown, Earth, Wind & Fire,  Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige and Natalie Cole to name just a few undisputed stars.
The number of concerts he has mixed is just as impressive as the names he works with.
This year, Rick Camp opened a school for sound engineers. You are welcome to enroll.

MASTER MIX LIVE Audio Engineering + Mixing is an Education in ((( Live ))) Audio Engineering, only. • Specifically we ONLY teach, ((( Live ))) Audio Engineering for careers as; Front of House Live Audio Engineer, TV or Radio Live Sound Engineer, Systems Engineer, or Monitor Engineer.

Rick Camp

For more information on Rick Camp and Master Mix Live School please visit www.mastermixlive.com.

It was already clear during the sound check the show would be not only amazing, but also “Soul & Funk” indeed!!! The PA system sounded clearly and powerfully… just awesome.
Rick was absolutely thrilled with the PA system set-up, the power of subwoofers and the end result of system tuning that we had prepared. Can you imagine that even one hundred meters away from the stage, the sound did not lose its clarity, even when  the delay line didn`t work. The audience could feel as if they were right in front of the stage.

We have received several words from him:

"Has the worlds best sounding Vertec P.A. system I've ever mixed on!! Gigantsound crew was all first class technicians and with Yurek Taborowski's  leadership they put together a GREAT sound system for me to mix on. The Powersoft amps with Mario Di Cola's presets in them make a Okay sounding Vertec P.A., sound AMAZING!! […]
I put your Vertec system at the top of my list with D&B and L'acoustics [...]

Rick Camp - FOH engineer, Jennifer Lopez”


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Twenty-five thousand fans of JLo gathered at PGE Arena in Gdansk. The audience not only from Poland, but also from the Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania and several other countries turned up to see this amazing show that was broadly covered in the press.

“The concert turned out to be perfectly prepared […]. PGE Arena turned out to be just the perfect venue for this kind of events, even if the enormous stage seemed much smaller than it really is against the background of the gigantic grandstand.
Perfectly setup sound system did not let us down, everybody was impressed by the light effects, a simulated boxing match on an authentic boxing ring placed on the catwalk stage was a funny reference to the sporty character of this place. The stadium proved to be the perfect place to organize concerts in […].” the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper.

The concert was organised by Prestige MJM

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Use headphones if you do not have a subwoofer!
(Movie made ​​available with the consent of "Triojmiasto TV")

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